Some Guidance On Primary Factors In Shoes

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Better to get aboard the Amazon train than have to shutter hundreds of stores or declare bankruptcy like their peers. These days, there are two ways to describe retail: a shit show, and Amazon. “These days, there are two ways to describe retail: a shit show, and Amazon,” says Scott Galloway, an adjunct professor of marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business. As Blackledge explains, “Amazon is the only one that’s not stuck in the vicious cycle of declining foot traffic that’s leading to declining sales that’s forcing stores to close. They are in a constant virtuous cycle.” “In many cases, fashion companies are turning to Amazon because it’s a life support at this point,” adds Mulpuru. “They see the dying retail environment, and then they raise their eyebrows when they see Amazon’s growth and eventually cave out of desperation.” For smaller brands, there’s also the benefit of exposure. Scott Studenberg, one of the partners behind the contemporary line Baja East , which was a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist and sells on Amazon, puts it simply: “It’s a brand that has one of the biggest reaches in the world.” “I was at a party in LA with Kate Hudson, who was wearing this amazing gray, strappy jersey dress,” he continues. “I said, ‘I love your dress!’ and she said, ‘Oh, I got it on Amazon.’ Kate Hudson! It just shows all the different types of people that are shopping on Amazon, whether it’s for groceries or a dress.” Chris Gelinas, the designer behind the brand CG , who was also a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, admits he was initially hesitant about selling on Amazon because “it represented a different type of shopping, and I was already concerned about online because my clothes are so tactile.” After Amazon worked with Gelinas to create a landing page for his brand, he was sold. “It shifted when I saw how much effort they put into storytelling,” he says.

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