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Why can't refunded money go straight back into my account, like clothes shops are quick enough to take it out

A quick sale and everyone’s happy. Well, everyone except the environment. My friend pays attention to trends. But she’s also mindful of recycling, so only buys when she needs to and gives whatever is no longer of use to the needy. Clothes are put in the bins provided for the Community Used Clothes Recycling Bank Scheme . Like her, I used last Wednesday – the traditional time three days before the start of the Lunar New Year – to spring clean, to go through belongings and dispose of the excess. Government figures show that 110,000 tonnes of textile waste were sent to landfills in 2015, with only four per cent being recycled. There’s natural wear and tear, but also a lot of waste from thoughtless or impulsive buying. ‘Buy Nothing Day’ urges Hongkongers to shun shopping and fast-fashion to reduce textiles waste A survey by the environmental group Greenpeace has found that we each spend about HK$800 a month on clothes, with the result that wardrobes are bulging. It determined from questioning 1,000 people that, on average, women have 109 items of clothing and men 77, and nearly one-fifth of the items are seldom or never worn.

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